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Popcorn Machine Instructions 

 Popcorn Machine Instructions


  1. Turn “kettle motor switch” ON.
  2. Place one of the premixed corn and oil packets in the kettle.  You can use a 6 or 8 ounce packet.
  3. After the corn has finished popping, rotate the handle to dump the popcorn.  (Do not wait too long after popping, or popcorn will burn.)
  4. Repeat the cycle starting with step 2.  NOTE:  Always pop 4 to 5 batches of corn in a row.  The quality and flavor are both better on batches 2, 3, 4 and 5 than on the initial batch.
  5. When you are finished popping, make sure you turn the heat switch off.  Never leave the heat on when you are not popping.  If you place oil in a hot kettle, remember to finish that popping cycle, or turn off the kettle.  Exposure to heat starts to break down the color and flavor of popcorn oils.  Always wipe the complete exterior of your kettle with a heavy cloth immediately after you finish popping and the kettle has cooled.  Oil drippings will come off quite easily at this time, but will burn on and stain if not removed.
  6. Turn all switches to “off” when finished.


Cleaning Instructions:

After you finish popping for the day, or your event, let the kettle cool until it is not too hot to handle, but still warm.  Unplug the kettle and remove it from the machine.  With a cloth, wipe out the inside of the kettle, the kettle lids, kettle crossbar, outside of the kettle and underneath.  Do not immerse the kettle in water!


Caution:  Extension cords should not be used.  You should have a properly sized outlet right at the machine.  Fires can result from a light duty extension cord that overheats due to overload.  The motor air intake and exhaust holes must be clear of an obstruction.  Do not cover air vent holes as serious damage may result and to avoid serious burns, do not touch kettle while it is hot.


Don’t forget to remove the old made pan and empty out the kernels and wipe it clean!